Terms & conditions

Our documentation for Terms & Condition binds the user – you and the provider – us, ensuring that there is complete transparency in between. We intend to make sure that no unclear, misused, or ambiguous information is portrayed from our end.

Accounts & Information

Our website on the domain onlinesubjecthelp.com is governed on a few set of rules and regulations which our customers can read in our privacy policy. We hereby reserve the right to acknowledge all users, viewers, and visitors that data or information is recorded to ensure quality that we provide to our customers. Moreover, we reserve the right to collect data of users that register themselves on our website, for example, name, age, demographics, geographical location, metrics, username, password, and other valuable information. Once you have created your account on our website, or registered to any of our services, we withhold the right to record, analyze, and save information. Information will be secured on highly encrypted drives, ensuring no data threat, violation, or copyright stamp comes as follows. Moreover, in case of any data breach, from your end or ours, we – onlinesubjecthelp.com will not be responsible as the user will be submitting the data willingly.

Information on our website

Information available on our website, whether be digital or not, regardless of the medium, is not content for others to use. We reserve the right to challenge entities on behalf of our content, whether be any form, as we abide by the rules and regulations of cyber-crime and plagiarism. No information should be copied or downloaded from our website using unfair means. We respect the privacy of individuals and their intellectual property. Therefore, content in forms of; words, documents, video, images, info graphics, or any other is our property and we have complete autonomy over our media.

Pricing and payments

Kindly keep in mind that once the user has authorized a payment or selected a plan for them, we reserve the right to conduct the transaction once the user has permitted us to charge. No user will be entertained in case of misleading lead generation, or per se, if they claim the payment to be not made by them. We will not be responsible if any other personnel conducted the transaction using someone else’s credentials as our system will not detect any. Users will be responsible for any payment made. However, for future transactions, the system might store your information. Nevertheless, we will not be responsible in case of any data breach as the user willingly inputted the information on our website. We are accountable to third-party and will not hesitate to provide your documents and information to government and agencies. We have a certain restriction by law as law abiding citizens we will comply will all needs if some higher authority intervenes and demands your data. Such cases are highly minimal; but, are worth mentioning.

Refunds Policy

onlinesubjecthelp.com is not accountable to any sort of refund until unless any of these conditions are matched:
1. The course fails or manages to deliver what was promised (only applicable if the user fails a course on their dashboard or portal provided)
2. In case of double payments or error by our hands (with proper proof and documentation otherwise any demands will not be entertained)
3. In case any trouble, mishap, or miscellaneous conduct foregoes on our behalf. Note: Users are advised to choose the plan according to need and in case of refunds, make sure that you have updated the website or acknowledge someone from onlinesubjecthelp.com beforehand. We will make sure that we help you as much as possible, till the position where we cannot help.


For user information and better track performances, all websites record cookies. In case you are not aware of cookies, they are bits of information that websites use such as IP address and track location. Moreover, we record cookies to provide our customers with better services and track our analytics. Our website notifies the user asking for permission to record, store, and analyze cookies. Most cookies record demographics of a user which contain age, date, and geographical location of the user. For our benefit, we use it to analyze how to provide better customer service to all our customers. We also reserve the right to provide information to third-party websites as the internet is filled with marketers trying to sell their products. Marketing cookies also record information and these third-party websites, entities, or companies use this information to analyze ad campaigns, such as; PPC, paid marketing, SEM, ads, or marketing in general. The primary aim is to provide better ads to the viewers and target the right audience. However, in case of any threat or breach of information by any third-party cookie collector or website, we – onlinesubjecthelp.com will not be responsible or be held accountable in any situation per se.

We own all logos, trademarks, and content uploaded on the website

As aforementioned, we would like to notify all our users that we own all logos, images, media, trademarks, and content uploaded on the website and business. In case someone plagiarizes our logo, we reserve the right to challenge those using authorities and legal rights provided to us by the government. All media uploaded on our website is our exclusive property and we would appreciate if you respected our freedom and not tried to attack our intellectual property. More so, all promotions, promotional services, advertisements available on the website are also our property and we reserve the right to cancel any subscription, promotion, or campaign – given that it does not comply with the rules and regulations. Furthermore, we also reserve the right to challenge your role and account in case we find any bogus, undocumented, or unethical information which the user might or might not provide to us. Moreover, for any further concern, users, viewers, or visitors are requested to leave any query at any of our contact forms available on our website. More so, you can also contact us on our email [email protected] Get in touch with us, as we are always looking for to solve queries of our valuable customers. These terms & conditions are to provide a better understanding of what our values, rights, and legal regulations are as per the law. Nevertheless, feel free to contact us and one of our representatives will get in touch with you shortly. onlinesubjecthelp.com wishes to provide only the best services to the people who need our help with their everyday work. It is best that users read and abide by the terms and conditions we have documented on our website.